Terms of agreement

Use of www.workshop.ee (Workshop’s e-store) and recommendations for purchasing:

1. It is easy and convenient to shop in our e-store. You can make orders 24h 7d. Registered customer’s data has been previously filled in, so if you register, shopping will be faster and more convenient. Although, you can purchase goods as a guest shopper.
2. Choose the goods you like by clicking the button ‚Add to cart’. By adding goods to cart you can proceed with shopping, and when all your desired items have been added, you can complete the purchase by clicking the button ‚Complete the purchase’.   
Goods which have no button ‚Add to cart’ next to it are not avaolable at the moment. You can ask information about availability of goods by e-mail or telephone (+372 5016281 ).

3. You can change the desired amount of goods in the cart. If you decide that you still don’t want to buy the item, set the amount as 0 (nought) or use the button at the end of the line, and the item in this line shall be deleted from the cart.   
When changing the amount of goods click the button ‚Refresh the cart’ to recalculate the sum of content of the cart. All prices are given in euros and include the VAT.

4. When the goods have been chosen and amount thereof has been checked, you can complete the purchase. In order to do it click the button ‚Complete the purchase’.   
Further choose the way of purchase suitable for you – either as a guest shopper or as a registered customer.

5. There are multiple ways of receipt of the goods ordered: if you choose ‚On agreement / Pick up’, you will receive the goods from our e-store at the address:
Väike-Ameerika 30, Tallinn.
Another possibility is to use various express services. Price of chosen express service will be added to the price of the goods ordered. Click here to read the detailed instruction: Delivery

6. You have a possibility to choose the way of payment suitable for you. You can pay through the Internet bank,credit card, on the basis of an invoice or by instalment.    
You can pay for the goods upon the receipt – in such case you have to choose ‚Bank transfer / Cash on delivery’ (ELS Kuller) in the Payment Information. At our store at the address Väike-Ameerika 30 you can pay in cash or by payment card.
Click here to read the detailed instruction: Way of payment

7. Generally an order is deemed to be an offer in the meaning of the Law of Obligations Act. Workshop Private Limited Company does not have to notify the Party who orders of their confirmation of order.
If  Workshop commences completing an order, the order is deemed to be accepted. If a Party who orders forwarded their e-mail address to Workshop, the confirmation of order will be sent by e-mail to this address. Confirmation of order is just a notice of informative character regarding the receipt of Order.   
By making an order the Purchaser confirms that he/she is at least 16 years old, and his/her capacity to exercise will, and, if he/she is adult, his/her active legal capacity have not been restricted.

8. Orders submitted to Workshop’s e-store are handled within 3 working days. If there are no desired goods available in the warehouse at the moment, or it’s impossible to complete the order for another reason, Workshop’s representative will contact you in writing to agree about repayment of the sum paid either fully or partially, or longer term of delivery of goods on the Purchaser’s consent.

9. Price or availability of goods may change currently and with no prior notice. Workshop Private Limited Company has the right to cancel a sales contract or instalment contract concluded via e-store without sanctions if e-store cannot complete an order. In such case we’ll contact the Purchaser and repay him/her the sum paid.

10. Term of commencement of goods delivery is two working days up to three working weeks in accordance to delivery information available next to goods. If the ordered goods have different delivery term, the goods delivery term will be set pursuant to the longest delivery term unless the parties agree otherwise. If completing of order takes more time, the Purchaser will be notified of it by e-mail.

11. A Purchaser has the right to return goods and receive the paid sum back (except the transportation cost) within 14 days as of the day of delivery of goods.      
Upon return of goods a Purchaser pays the transportation cost. The sum subject to repayment will be transferred to a Purchaser’s bank account     (the same from which the goods were paid – within 30 days provided that the goods will be returned to Workshop’s e-store within this term).
Money for returned goods but requiring a warranty expert analysis will be repaid within 6 weeks.   
Upon cancellation of a concluded instalment contract the charge for contract is not subject to return.   
NB! Goods cannot be returned if you picked up the goods and could make sure that it conforms to your order. 

12. A cancellation application in a free form must be forwarded to Workshop Private Limited Company in writing to the address info@workshop.ee or to contact address within the term (i.e. 14 days).   
Goods to be returned must not be used and must be in original packaging. An item can be tried on or tested in order to see whether it fits you, but in the course of try-on or testing the item and package thereof must be influenced as few as possible. Try-on means the same use as it is usual in case of a retail sales place before the purchase.   
You cannot return the goods storage time whereof has expired, the goods broken due to wrong use by a Purchaser (e.g. failure to follow the instructions set out in the user manual).    
Cosmetic and perfumery products and products intended for personal use to be returned must be in sealed package.
13. If you have any complaints, please contact our service centre. Service centre telephone +372 5016281 , e-mail: info@workshop.ee; tiit@workshop.ee

14. All pictures of products at www.workshop.ee are of illustrative character. The Seller has the right to change prices, assortment and description of goods for sale or other information regarding the goods with no prior notice. 
15. We confirm that we act in accordance to the Law of Obligations Act, Consumer Protection Act, Trade Act and Advertising Act applicable in the Republic of Estonia. 

16. Personal data of a Party who orders entered for purchasing of goods is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to third parties, except the cases prescribed by law.

17. Workshop Private Limited Company’s e-store has the right to refuse to accept an Order from a Purchaser if the Purchaser has cancelled a Contract and returned goods without buying it for 2 (two) or more times within 12-(twelve-)month period.